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Puppy trade in car parks is booming – urgent education and measures against this trend are needed

Tierschutz Austria calls for strict breeding licences instead of mere reporting of the activity

Cases of illegal puppy trade are piling up at the animal protection centre in Vösendorf. Many of the puppies are sold out of car boots, but bureaucracy and apparently reliable breeders also contribute to the problem.

„We therefore finally demand better cooperation of the authorities with animal welfare organisations, verified breeding permits and a blacklist for persons who have already violated the Animal Welfare Act!“, says MMag. Dr. Madeleine Petrovic.

„Although the Animal Welfare Act provides for a breeding permit, a look at the details reveals that currently a short written notification with a few key data is sufficient to legally register a breeding,“ informs the animal rights activist.

There are no regular checks by the authorities to see whether the animals are being properly cared for and do not meet any torture breeding criteria, nor where the puppies come from and where they are sold to. Therefore, legally registered breeders could easily integrate illegally imported puppies into their sales offer, for example to offer more animals per litter and thus achieve higher profits.

„Of course, not all breeders act so irresponsibly and recklessly. It is therefore in the interest of the general public that buyers can rely on the highest animal welfare standards and seriousness in legal breeding. In order to weed out black sheep, we at Tierschutz Austria therefore finally demand that licences for breeding with regular official inspections be introduced,“ Petrovic clarifies.

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